MediSens Wireless develops and manufactures wearable systems for medical and health applications. Our current focus product, WetSens™, enables real-time monitoring and provides actionable insights to caregivers.

Our company is working on the cutting edge of technology in the IoT wearables enabled by our sensors, applications, and analytic stack. Our mission for the company is to provide products that enhance the quality of life for our target markets while also providing an exciting work atmosphere for our staff. We also focus on maintaining an excellent life/work balance all while working to maintain an open, team oriented culture.

We are looking for highly talented software and firmware engineers, who are great team players, and share our vision of exploiting technology to improve quality of life.

Located in Santa Clara, our engineering team needs to be on-site in order to ensure the best possible collaboration.

If you want to join a well-funded company with proven technology at the ground floor level, please send your resume to:

Current openings:

Java developer analytics and big data software engineer


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A team player, who must be proficient in Java, and full stack web development for mission critical, enterprise grade applications. This person will work to build the analytics from our 24x7 sensor data streams and conversion into actionable insights. Experience designing highly scalable, 24x7 applications is desirable. The job requires ability to work with Postgres backend for queries and optimization. Any familiarity with compliance regimes (GDPR/HIPAA) is very useful. Java, Spring, SpringBoot, PLSQL, PostgresSQL, HTML5, security domain knowledge is a plus.

4-6 years experience, Bachelors Engineering degree in electrical, communications, or computer science essential, Masters degree preferred.

A team player who loves designing the frontend user experiences and values minimizing interactions needed to do the job.

A team player, will work with our middleware/backend teams to bring visibility to the backend analytics and reporting for medical caregivers, hospital administrator, and our internal network management applications.

Java Web front end developer


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Android developer


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Software engineer who is proficient in Android development and loves challenging work. Our end-user applications are always on, environment sensitive, need to handle alarm fatigue and other environmental issues along with the technological and innovation challenges. Apps work on blue tooth stack, and IOT knowledge is desirable.

Any experience in designing user applications for medical environment is a plus. Engineering degree desirable.

Around 2-4 years of experience developing highly reliable applications with interactions with IOT devices and BLE stack desirable.

Our end-user IOT BLE devices are power bound embedded IOT systems, for highly efficient data collection, and self check diagnostics. BLE, IOT, Wearable design and development experience is a plus. ARM development experience on Dialog/Nordic Bluetooth modules in Keil environment is desirable.

The right candidate will have opportunity to push hardware development/tweak the existing board designs. The firmware challenges are to fine tune OTA update methods, manage various power optimizations, and power save modes for always on devices through their lifecycle.

2-4 years of experience is desirable.

Firmware developer


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